Monday, May 16, 2016

Demand a referendum before the government changes the way we vote

According to polls, about 62% of Canadians like our current voting system, as opposed to only 25% who dislike it. Canadians in favour our current system include two-thirds of Liberal supporters. Yet the Liberal government wants to get rid of the way we vote.

What’s with that?

I’m sure some in the government think changing our voting sytem would make our democracy stronger. On the other hand, the Liberals intend to replace our current system with a preferential ballot, which always favours parties in the middle … like the Liberals.

Perhaps it’s just human nature for Liberal politicians to confuse what’s good for democracy with what’s good for getting Liberals elected, but the other parties don’t have those particular blinkers which is why all of them – NDP and Conservatives, the Bloc and the Greens – oppose the change the Liberals want.

About 65% of Canadians believe that, if the Liberal government does pursue electoral reform, a referendum must be held – including 68% of Liberal supporters. Only 17% of Canadians think a simple vote in the House of Commons would be legitimate. Yet, this is how the Liberal government plans to change the way we vote.


Because the Liberal government knows they’d never win a referendum. Trudeau has said as much: “Many of the people who propose…we need a referendum, well they know that the fact is that referendums are a pretty good way of not getting any electoral reform,” Trudeau explained at an event at the University of Ottawa.

It seems Trudeau doesn’t understand that’s the whole idea of a democracy: if Canadians oppose electoral reform, it shouldn’t be forced on us. But as this seems to be a blind spot for our P.M., I urge everyone to sign this petition, demanding a referendum on any electoral change:

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