Saturday, August 6, 2016

Mississauga teacher calls murderer of 4-year-old girl a hero

This year, on the Canada Day weekend, a Mississauga teacher spoke in support of terrorism, expressing outrage at Israeli forces "executing" a Palestinian while failing to mention he'd just murdered a 13-year-old girl in her bed. The teacher, Nadia Shoufani, was one of the speakers at the annual Al-Quds Day Rally in downtown Toronto. Founded by the leader of Iran, Al-Quds day is an antisemitic celebration at which speakers call for the destruction of Israel.
At the rally, Shoufani, a teacher for Special Education, ESL (English Second Language), Literacy and Science at St. Catherine of Siena Catholic School in Mississauga, expressed her support of the Palestinian struggle “in any form possible”, called for the liberation of “all Palestine” (meaning the destruction of the State of Israel), and called Mohammad Tarairah a “martyr.” Tarairah was shot by Israeli forces after he murdered Hallel Yaffa Ariel, a 13-year-old American-Israeli girl while she was sleeping in her own bed.
During her speech at Al-Quds, Shouafani said: “Glory to the martyrs. Victory, freedom to the prisoners and liberation for the Palestinians. From the river to the sea Palestine will be free.”
Most of the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails were convicted for involvement in terrorist activities that includes suicide bombers captured alive, dispatchers of suicide bombers, mass murderers, leaders of terrorist organizations, terrorists who killed civilians and those who attempted or planned to kill civilians.
On her Facebook page, Shoufani revealed the extent of her support for Palestinian terrorism. On December 21, 2015, she wrote: “Samir Kuntar is one of the heroes of my land. He sacrificed himself for the struggle/ resistance and Palestine… Samir, O Fierce fighter… You have the glory and the pride of the martyrdom!”
On April 22, 1979 Samir Kuntar, one of the most infamous Palestinian terrorists and a member of the terrorist organization Palestine Liberation Front, infiltrated into Israel from Lebanon with three other terrorists, murdered an Israeli policeman and attempted to kidnap an Israeli family in Nahariya. During the terrorist attack, Kuntar killed an Israeli civilian, smashed the head of his 4-year-old daughter on beach rocks and crushed her skull with the butt of his rifle.
After being released in 2008 from an Israeli prison as part of a prisoner swap, Kuntar joined the ranks of the Lebanese terrorist Shiite Hezbollah organization and worked for building up Hezbollah’s terrorist infrastructure against Israel in the Golan Heights. On December 19, 2015, Kuntar was killed in an Israeli airstrike in the outskirts of Damascus, Syria. ... more 

Most years, the al-Quds Day rally draws some attention from the Jwish press because of its support for Jew-hatred and terrorism, but doesn't usually receive much mainstream media attention. Back in 2013,though, Liberal party insider Elias Hazineh spoke at the rally and called for the killing of Israelis ... more

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