Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Canadian government funds antisemitic conference ~ but border services says, Go away, to 234 delegates from Iran, Africa and the Middle East

An antisemitic conference in Montreal is being funded by the governments of Canada and Quebec, the City of Montreal and other groups that apparently didn’t bother checking out who they were giving money to. The general outlook of the conference is illustrated by a visual they use showing a Wahabi terrorist coming out of the mouth of America, which in turn is controlled by the Jew, drawn in usual antisemitic style with a big hooked nose and made as Jewy-looking as possible.

This conference, the so-called “World Social Forum” brings together a collection of pro-Iranian Jew-haters, lunatic-left conspiracy theorists, and cheerleaders for terrorism. But it has to be the right kind of terrorism. This is a pro-Iran grouping, and Iran supports Hezbollah terrorists and Hamas terrorists, but regards ISIS (AKA ISIL or Daesh) as a creature of their arch-rival Saudi Arabia (the centre of Wahabi Islam), and the Saudis as controlled by the Americans, and all evil as ultimately coming from the Jews.

Other seminars at the World Social Forum include one promoting 9-11 conspiracy theories and others extolling class warfare, violence and terrorism. … more   

Among the speakers at the Forum are a number of terrorism apologists, including the fanatical 
Ken Stone, who is a frequently a featured speaker at Toronto's annual celebration of antisemitism known as the al Quds Day rally.

This year, at the al Quds rally, a Mississauga school teacher spoke in favour of terrorism … more.

Update: Canadian Border services have denied visas to at least 234 participants in the World Social Forum, mostly people delegates coming from the Middle East Africa and Iran. So while it looks like our government's granting agencies tossed money to this motely collection of bigots and nut-jobs, at least Border Services did their job and took a hard look at the type of people trying to attend this affair. ... more

Another update: Having been alerted to the antisemitic content of this conference, the government of Canada has told them to take the Canadian logooff the list of sponsors. MP Anthony Housefeather said the federal govt didn't provide a direct grant to the forum, but did subsidize the employment of two students working for the organization. ... more

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