Monday, October 26, 2015

Arab journalist Lucy Aharish calls out Palestinian leadership

The current "Intifadah of knives" should be called the Palestinian Children's Crusade. The Palestinian leadership, both in the Palestinian Territories and among the Arab political parties in Israel, have been calling on teenagers ~ children ~ to murder people and to get themselves killed in the process.

The whole situation is so insane as to be almost beyond belief. The issue arises from a long-standing concession toward the intolerance of the Arab leadership ~ that only Muslims can be allowed to pray on the Temple Mount aka the Noble Sanctuary; and Jews especially cannot pray there. To keep the peace, this concession toward bigotry has been in place since Israel took control of Jerusalem in 1967. 

Now the Arab leadership, including supposed moderates, have been whipping up Jew-hatred and screaming that the Jews are trying to change the status quo, and want to actually pray on the Temple Mount. That's the immediate cause of the current horrors

There’s no way of telling how many Palestinians support sacrificing their children in order to murder Jews. But a few at least have spoken out against it, including Israeli Arab journalist Lucy Aharish, who’s called out the Arab leadership on this issue.

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