Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Cambridge Professor boycotts 13-year-old girl

Shachar Rabinovitz on her horse
The purpose of the so-called Boycott Divestment and Sanctions is to cut Jewish Israelis off from the rest of humanity. They give the movement a political colouring, but at heart, their rallying cry is that Jews are monsters.
Bizarrely, there are actually a few Jews involved. But they’re tactical Jews; that is, their parents or grandparents were Jews and they’ve decided to re-adopt their ancestry because they think it gives them a propaganda edge. Or sadly because the only way they can find to be Jewish is by becoming sort of anti-Jews. ~ Brian
A 13 year-old Jewish Israeli girl was turned down by a former Cambridge professor after she reached out for help on a school assignment on horses.
Shachar Rabinovitz sent an email to Dr. Marsha Levine, a professor who is an expert on the history of the domestication of horses but instead of receiving the help she thought she would get, she was instead turned down because "the Jews have become Nazis."
Shamir Rabinovitz, her mother, posted the exchange on her Facebook account, in shock over what happened.
Instead of receiving answers to her questions, Dr. Levine, who is an expert on the history of domesticating horses and spent 10 years at Cambridge's McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research as a fellow then senior research associate wrote that she would be unable to help her until there would be "peace and justice for Palestinians in Palestine" and was told that she should instead check out her organization website to educate herself on the Palestiniancause.

"I am a member of Jews for Justice for Palestinians. I support Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions. You might be a child, but if you are old enough to write to me, you are old enough to learn about Israeli history and how it has impacted on the lives of Palestinian people," Levine continued on to say.

According to the Jewish Chronicle, Levine was not embarrassed by her words and that it was "fair" not to help the teenage girl.

"I made the decision that I have the choice not to waste my time on people who tread on the rights of other people. I didn’t do anything to her. I said that when there is justice for Palestine I will answer her – that’s a fair answer. I’m a signatory to Jews for Justice for Palestinians and I sent her a link. I did it as a matter of conscience. The way Israel treats Palestinians is totally disgusting.

"Benjamin Netanyahu wants ethnic cleansing. The Jews have become the Nazis. Jews are behaving just like the people who treated them, " Levine continued on to say adding that due to their treatment of Palestinians in Gaza, Jews had "turned themselves into monsters."

“She’s a kid, not someone involved in politics,” says the girl’s mother. “She’s not responsible for bad things that happen around her — she’s not the Prime Minister.”

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